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Small Business Loan Calculator

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The total cost of your loan would be [item-258_price] 


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Our small business loan calculator shows you how much you can afford.

When you’re looking to get a small business loan for your company, you want to make sure it’s one you can afford. Slatestone Capital understands this. So, we created a business loan calculator that gives you an idea of what your monthly payments might end up being. Just move the handy slider from left to right, and our loan calculator instantly crunches the numbers so you can find the best term length based on your needs and budget.

Find out how much your small business might qualify for. No obligation.

We make it easy to get a business loan.

Slatestone Capital is here to help your business grow by providing you with easy access to growth capital. As a technology-driven online lender, we developed web-based tools and internal systems that make applying easy, and getting approved even easier. To be considered, your small business needs to be at least one year old, and it needs to generate $300,000 or more in revenue each year. You don’t need extensive financial paperwork or collateral, and we look at all credit scores. In summary, our straightforward lending requirements make it easy to get a business loan.